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Losing everything she's ever loved to a drunk driver; Granny decides to take the matter into her own hands.

The bitterly cold wind sweeps through the area, chilling the elderly lady to her bones. It'll be worthwhile in the end. Granny glances toward the starless sky. Fastening her coat around herself, she heads toward the bar. I'll make sure another family won't have to go through what I have. A tall thick man stumbles into her as she continues across the yard. Granny scrunches down behind a row of hedges, waiting for her first victim of the night. I hope someone comes out soon. The music suddenly gets louder. She looks up to see a shadow staggering across the porch. You just think you're going home tonight. She chuckles grabbing her lethal weapon beside her; a cane holding deadly ice bullets. Lifting up her weapon Granny aims and shots. Her target falls to the ground, blood pools all around him. One down, dozens to go, she thinks, waddling to her car.

Click the picture to purchase. $2.99 Mystery, suspense, thriller.

Click the picture to purchase. $2.99 Mystery, suspense, thriller.

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This new release is a fun read about Granny's antics. An interesting premise that is well written mystery story.

Granny is a busy lady. Feisty and one step ahead of everyone else.

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This is a good story. It's well-written interesting, 

Granny is a fabulous character, one that you developed very effectively. She's a piece of work.

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A well told story that keeps you guessing about what she'll do next. 

What an unexpected ending. One I didn't see it coming. 

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This is fabulous, well paced and a great read!.

I love this gun-tottin' rootin' tooting Granny with guts. A great story I will enjoy more of your work in future. Well done, 

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Your dialogue is a writing strength, and it is great that you show the story and not tell. I will look forward to reading more. 

You know how to write and make your story about Granny,