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Deadly Confessions

 A deathbed confession causes the Maroni's untimely demise.
The doctor's dying declaration turns Luigi's world upside down. He's told that the man whom he believes is his father isn't and that Maroni, his biological dad, switched stillborn babies for his sons and then had their mother killed.
Confronted with the allegations, Maroni denies Luigi's claims; preventing the twins access to the family fortune.
With no tangible proof of Maroni’s wrongdoing, Luigi decides to take matters into his own hands. .

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Reviewer's Summary

It's a great books to read, lots of tension and excitement. Kept me on the edge of my seat.

 The characters are very realistic. consistent with their multi-dimensional roles. 

The story has great details, imagery, makes the readers feel they are a part of the scene   


You build up such suspense it grabs the readers attention holds it to the end. The switching of scenarios makes things more exciting, like a TV show.


 I like how you build the suspense and then there is a temporary resolve. I say temporary because with the pace of your action in this well-written novel, it is kind of foreshadowed that not all will go well for long. 

Your sense of mystery is handled well. Your dialogue is well written. There is never a question of who is speaking. You leave the ending so the reader will definitely want to read the next chapter. 

 Super writing, tightly plotted, well constructed and paced.  A  master story-teller! 

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